About us


Founded in 1995, CID is a recognized pioneer with 20 years of experience in Marketing Communications, Community Development, and Management approaches that integrate public, private, and civil society interests to create new and sustainable opportunities for growth. Clients include leading local, regional, and global corporations and institutions.

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Our mission is to enable individuals, organizations, and communities to grow more effectively.


CID partners include:

  • A strong network of international partners and associates.
  • An extensive network of contacts in Egypt among the government and private sector.
  • International, regional and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • International development organizations.
  • A selection of credible and reputed media partners.

ECCO International Communications Network

ECCO is an International PR and communications group that ranks within the top 20 in the league of global networks and is one of the top four independent networks in the world. Founded by best of breed, owner-managed, communication consultancies around the world – ECCO has 32 member agencies and can call on expertise in over 40 countries.

CID Consulting has been a member of the ECCO network for over a decade, and represents the network both in Egypt and North Africa. Enjoying the benefits of the network, CID Consulting regularly shares and contributes to exchanging global best practices, and extending services to clients through members of the global network.