In 1995 CID’s founders saw an opportunity to help Egyptian enterprises raise awareness of their heritage, and turn their strengths into concrete community outreach programs. Undeterred, the team spent countless hours on initiatives of sustainable development and strategic communication for local clients.

By 1997, CID landed the first major Marketing Communications project, followed by the signing of a number of large private sector contracts for Management Consulting. Building on the company’s success, CID was transformed into a specialized consulting firm focused in Marketing Communications, Management and Community Development.

In 2001, the team inked an agreement to pioneer a flagship solid waste program at a recycling School in Mansheyet Nasr area in Greater Cairo. The award-winning two year project helped CID build new bridges with local communities and paved the way to penetrating new service sectors such as vocational training, ICT and social entrepreneurship. Later in 2006, CID was rewarded the “Lead Organization in Social Entrepreneurship” Award by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship for the project.

Over the next few years, the company expanded and multiple deals were signed with strategic partners and international organizations boosting our private sector portfolio, and truly becoming a one-stop shop for enterprises looking for long-lasting, collaborative partnerships. Eventually CID’s affiliate network grew to over 2,000 consultants, while a client base of over 150+ clients, representing satisfied customers and partners across the MENA region, North America and Europe.

In 2014, the team expanded its Public Private Partnership expertise by pioneering a number of programs promoting engagement and development. That momentum carried through to 2015 when CID landed one of the biggest and most influential projects in Egypt, for the multi-million dollar iconic Suez Canal Area Development project – as part of Egypt’s country-wide economic recovery plan to boost investment, create jobs and upgrade infrastructure.

Our premise is that real-life community interaction is the best means of attaining the knowledge and experience necessary for productive social change.  Whether working with a group of traditional brick-makers to minimize health and environmental hazards or with a global financial firm to develop a customer base for business-enhancing services, or designing vocational training programs to match employment opportunities for Egypt’s youth, we examine the context, identify the stakeholders and offer strategies tailored to benefit both clients and the communities they serve.

We’re constantly evolving but our mission is unchanged – to bring value to our clients and the communities they call home, in Egypt and beyond.