Capacity Development Consultant

Project Based

IMCT has conducted an institutional capacity assessment to identify in-demand skills and competencies in the Ministry needed for effective management of private sector partnership projects. Accordingly, IMCT will design a corresponding capacity-building program for the employees in the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) to empower them to perform their work within the new strategic framework and manage the private sector engagement effectively. The Capacity Building Consultant will support in designing curriculum for select modules and training MOTA personnel on select modules, as part of the training and capacity building program. Interested applicants are kindly requested to send their CV to by or before Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Validation of GOE Capacity Building Program Design and Training Plan
• Provide quality assurance for the MOTA capacity-building program design and training plan to
validate, resulting in an updated training plan and/or requested modifications and feedback.
• Review the IMCT draft training plan to ensure high quality design of module objectives, intended
learning outcomes, anticipated durations, proposed target audience and participant segment,
and proposed timeframes.
• With the support of the IMCT Organizational Development Consultant, modify the IMCT training
plan for MOTA capacity building as needed.

Design and Delivery of GOE Capacity Building Program
• Based on the finalized training plan, identify a minimum of 2-4 modules for comprehensive design
and delivery. The 2-4 chosen modules will focus on in-demand competencies needed for the
effective management of private sector projects and MOTA personnel capacity building. They will
focus specifically on horizontal in-demand skills, which may include but are not limited to project
management and identified soft skills (ex. Negotiation skills, project management, etc.).
• Design the session content and training materials for the 2-4 chosen modules, ensuring that each
module consists of 2-4 days of delivery. Training must be tailored to the cultural tourism sector,
specific target audience, and the objectives set forth in the training plan. Session content must be
in Arabic or English and must include:1
o Module outline
o PowerPoint presentations
o Trainer and trainees’ guides
o Handouts
o Additional training materials used which may include but are not limited to case
studies, group work, simulations, etc.
• Deliver a minimum of 4 training sessions on the 2-4 developed modules, whereby the following
parameters would apply:
o Training for each module would consist of 2-4 days of delivery.
o Each training would be delivered to a group of 20-30 MOTA personnel selected by
MOTA based on the nomination, based on criteria set forth by IMCT organizational
development and capacity-building team.
o Each training would take place, the location will be advised by MOTA / IMCT team.
• Utilize the capacity building program evaluation framework to effectively evaluate each training
conducted, ensuring completion of the following:
o Complete trainees’ evaluation forms
o Comprehensive end-of-training report
o KPIs report
o Pre and post assessments
• Attend internal and external meetings with IMCT MOTA capacity-building team, led by Public
Sector Reform Expert, as needed.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications.
• Minimum nine years of work of experience required
• Minimum nine years’ experience in designing and delivering human capacity development
training programs with the objective of enhanced organizational development and
transformation management practices
• Experience in conducting trainings and capacity building to Government of Egypt personnel
is preferred.
• Educational background in business administration or public administration; MBA
considered a plus.
• Fluency in English and Arabic
• Capacity to produce clear and concise written reports
• Proficiency in Excel, Word and PowerPoint
• Demonstrates integrity, fairness, and no bias

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