Consulting Manager, Sustainability and Social Impact

Full Time

As Consulting Manager, you will be taking a leading management role in the sustainability & social impact consulting practice which covers areas such as establishing social enterprises, developing social investment strategies for private and public sectors, enabling new value chains, providing development consulting across all sector in CID. You will be leading and coaching teams to deliver exceptional reports and proposal to various clients.

Key Functions

  • Lead the development and implementation of consulting assignments in the sustainability and social impact (SSI) practice including meeting business and financial objectives of different assignments/projects
  • Ensure the continuous evolving practice know-how through leading the development and update of methodologies and tools to support consulting assignments according to international best practices and market trends for the practice
  • Ensure project implementation is in line with CIDs project management process
  • Set quality control standards for monitoring the output of assigned projects
  • Advise client senior management on strategic issues related to the practice area
  • Maintain close working relationships with existing clients
  • Explore and support in creating potential partnerships and alliances for the growth of the SSI practice
  • Identify leads for potential business opportunities for CID with existing and/ or new clients
  • Ensure practice technical know-how is integrated into the business development cycle
  • Lead, manage and develop the sustainability & social impact practice team to ensure a positive & enriching employee experience and develop their technical and non-technical competencies
  • Oversee and manage the allocation of the practice area team to the various clients/projects
  • Represent the practice within the management team and as such lead and support in initiatives to further CIDs business goals.

Required Qualifications

  • BA or B.Sc. in Business Administration, Economics, International Development, Sociology or a related discipline
  • A post graduate degree in a related field or relevant executive development program in the field
  • 10 - 15 years of experience in relevant business discipline
  • At least 7 years of experience in managing and leading teams


  • Leadership position in relevant practice areas.
  • A blended private and development sector experience.
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