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Four Steps To A Productive & Healthy Workplace

July, 2018

Establishing a healthy environment that nurtures work and learning is key to any company, whether big and established or small and starting. A positive environment ensures that employees are constantly learning and developing skills; allowing them to keep up with the fast-paced nature of a contemporary and dynamic workplace. Such an environment generates high employee satisfaction, which would in turn maintain workforce motivation and fuel innovation.

So how can a company foster a healthy learning and work environment? There are a few simple and easy ways to achieve this goal and all they require is a bundle of positive attitudes and affordable changes in the office:


When a manager listens to his employees and provides them with the necessary amount of space to voice their opinions and share their ideas, he/she gives them a sense of acknowledgment and respect, creates a feeling of inclusivity, and promotes an environment pro innovation. Each manager should stay in-tune with the moods of his employees and create procedures and/or use tools that would allow employees to easily transfer their opinions and ideas to their managers.

CID Consulting makes use of several tools to create an attentive atmosphere, where the opinions and feedback of the employees are always heard and taken into consideration. Among these tools is the Celpax tool which is used to stay in-tune with employees’ moods. The Celpax monitors the daily morale of the employees and generates a weekly dashboard that is later evaluated. The aim is to create dialogue and asses ways by which inclusivity and efficiency can reach the workplace.


While the workplace is principally regarded a serious space, it does not have to be mutually exclusive from fun. There are several easy ways to add some elements of enjoyment to the work life routine, such as having a casual common area where employees can meet and relax during breaks. Activities or team retreats can help break the routine and build stronger bonds!

The Wellness Club initiative started at CID to encourage our employees to make better choices and adopt a healthier lifestyle. It is our belief that the supportive environment created by the Wellness Club initiative encourages employees to adopt new positive behaviors, such as exercising, quitting smoking, and eating well. By raising awareness of the importance of the daily lifestyle and healthy nutrition benefits, and influencing our team into making more body conscious choices, the positive impact will not only appear in their well-being, but also in their productivity.


The workplace is not only a space to apply knowledge and utilize experience, but also one that enables gaining, expanding and sharing this knowledge and experience.  It is important to keep in mind that each employee possesses a unique set of ambitions learning & growing mechanisms. Customized development schemes and internal knowledge-sharing sessions are among ways by which companies can motivate employees to expedite their consulting careers and gain expertise in their subjective aspirations.

We at CID ensure that each of one of our employees have the space to discover and build on their capabilities, talents and skills through customized developmental plans. This is complemented by knowledge sharing sessions, internal and external trainings and workshops, and on-the-job experience.


Constructive criticism is always important in motivating employees to improve and develop their know-how, but so is positive reinforcement! Through positive remarks and celebrations of milestones, employee effort is acknowledged; this promising feedback encourages further improvement in work quality where employees feel their efforts are recognized and appreciated.


In a few and simple steps, a company can foster a positive environment that is conducive to learning and productivity. The key step is to listen to your employees and create a space where they can voice their opinions, share and respond to ideas freely, and resultantly interact in an environment fostering a sense of inclusivity and satisfaction. Another important step is to make sure that while the workplace is a serious space, employees can still enjoy their time and look forward to coming to work. Lastly, companies should nurture their employees’ growth and development and provide positive reinforcement to ensure that each employee’s achievements and efforts are acknowledged and rewarded. Get in touch with our consultants now and find out how you can build a healthy and productive workplace:

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