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      As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the professional and personal skills of our executive team and with “Superheroes in Suits” as the main theme, CID Consulting held its annual corporate retreat where consultants enjoyed a delightful weekend in the amazing and vibrant Fayoum. Our superheroes engaged in several physical and intellectual activities… Read More

  • Dr. Laila Iskandar in “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship” by Teresa Chahine

    Publication: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship Author/Interviewer: Teresa Chahine Date of publishing: May 2016 Interviewee: Dr. Laila Iskandar, Co-Founder, Mokattam School and A.P.E. Rug Weaving Center (former); Minister of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements, Egypt (at the time of writing); Founder, CID Consulting (current) Description: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship summarizes the basic steps and tools needed to understand… Read More

  • Participating in preparing the Masterplan for the Suez Canal Development Project

      As part of Egypt’s nation-wide economic development plan, the Suez Canal Authority awarded a consortium headed by Dar al-Handasah the 1.8 billion dollar contract to develop the Master Plan for the Suez Canal Area Development Project. CID was one of the companies in the consortium, along with; Sarie Eidine Partners Legal Advisors, Ernst and Young, and Currie & Brown. The… Read More

  • CID Consulting’s Annual Team Building Retreat

    Collaborating with Red Rock International, our internal team was able to put together a full-day of fun, learning and development for the annual team building retreat. The exercise was primarily focused on conducting team building exercises, as well as allocating time for the company to share its corporate and departmental strategy.   Successfully building team synergy,… Read More

  • Solid waste management solution in al-Darb al-Ahmar

    Working with the Aga Khan Foundation, CID’s role was to design a new solid waste management system for al-Darb al-Ahmar area, based on CID’s previous successful flagship projects. The waste management scheme aims to implement a sustainable system that ensures effective door-to-door waste collection and efficient waste disposal, where elements of recycling and composting are… Read More

  • Assisting in USAID’s Trade Facilitation Project in Egypt

    To assist the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) unit of the Ministry of Industry and Foreign trade, CID worked on helping promote awareness and use of the United States’ GSP program among Egyptian exporters. CID’s communication experts were assigned to design a pulse survey to assess the level of awareness and knowledge among Egyptian companies… Read More


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    Every Business Needs A Crisis Communication Team It is crucial for companies to understand the importance of protecting their brand reputation, especially during times of crisis and in this age of technology. Identifying your crisis communication team is your gateway to dealing with any crisis that emerges. The crisis communications team ensures your company is… Read More

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    Social Media can bring down even the Best Companies Even the biggest companies can fall apart when it comes to Social media. In an attempt to garner positive tweets about its company from fans, McDonald’s created the hashtag #McDStories and asked Twitter users to share their favorite McDonald’s memory. Unfortunately, the hashtag was hijacked and… Read More

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    Klm Enters Digital Age With A Bang The digital marketing revolution made it possible for KLM to generate 1,000,000 tweets and retweets, as well as give the air carrier a definite media brand boost via an initiative where it stalked its loyal customers. The stalker is part of global airline KLM’s popular “KLM Surprise” Program…. Read More

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    Motivating staff, the Harrods way Did you ever think of what it would be like to go back to school and actually learn in an inspiring and challenging way? British retailer Harrods, one of the world’s most successful retail brands, has taken this one step further by giving its staff a chance to “go back… Read More

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    McDonald’s: From Rags to Riches The fast-food chain McDonald’s is one of the world’s most popular and recognized brands. But you probably don’t know that it had some very humble beginnings. In 1940, two brothers opened the McDonald’s Bar-B-Que drive-in. Just a few years later they shut the operation down to slim down their menu… Read More

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    Celebrating 15 Years: Journey of a Consulting Boutique CID’s inception is aligned with this particular market need to develop and reach international standards by capitalizing on local capabilities to take businesses and  communities together to new levels of performance and effectiveness. CID built its position as a serious player in both  business consutling practice and… Read More

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