A Message from the heart of the revolution

December, 2011

Our dear and valued partners, In a blink of an eye Egypt became the world’s most sought after story – a story that is now making its way into the history books of the West. It is mind blowing and awe inspiring. As we stood back watching the events unfold we noticed a general shift in morale. Despite the chaos and uncertainty that loomed in the horizon, there was also a spirit of optimism and faith that the best was yet to come. Change is inevitable. It is happening at this very moment and only those that successfully manage it will thrive in the near future. The political situation has forced the knowledge level of the general public to go up and with words like “transparency” and “responsiveness” making their way into everyday vocabulary. Organizations will soon have to follow suit. Some organizations are already ahead of the game and have forged ahead by changing their traditional CSR approaches to long term, community building strategies for new the Egypt. Others have bravely combated reputation-damaging rumors by effectively addressing them and communicating corrective messages. Keen to lead by example, CID joined hands with The Spirit of Youth NGO in an initiative to remove the neatly piled accumulations of waste from Tahrir Square and spread the message of a new solid waste system for the city based on source segregation into two components only: organic and non organic. CID also assisted existing clients in their crisis management techniques and handling their internal and external communications as well as identify development initiatives for new clients who want to play a role in rebuilding Egypt. There is so much to do and the time is now so let’s roll up our sleeves and help our country move forward. The CID team

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