CID Develops Communication Strategy for PLAN to Manage Brand Awareness and Perception

June, 2011

For over 30 years Plan, an international NGO has been working in Egypt to empower impoverished children, and help them access financial, educational, health and employment opportunities through capacity building. Today Plan is looking to boost its brand perception and catch the eye of different target audiences.

Accordingly, Plan sought out the assistance of CID to devise an integrated communication strategy targeting both its internal and external stakeholders. The assignment entails audience segmentation, developing the right messages for each group and utilizing appropriate tactics to reach each. This partnership aims to re-instill confidence in Plan’s noble mission and increase awareness of its most impactful programs that support unprivileged children through adopting Plan’s unique “rights-based” approach. The new approach aims at raising communities’ awareness of their rights and building their capacities to advocate for those rights.

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