Citi Celebrates Global Community Day

April, 2010

In November, Citi Egypt celebrated Global Community Day at Darb Al-Ahmar district in Cairo with CID and the Aga Khan Foundation. Citi employees engaged in activities with children and teens, including an art workshop and a series of sessions with learning-disabled children. Another group of Citi employees visited the nearby Al-‘Asheera Al-Mohammadiya nursery, where they played educational games with children.

Formerly one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Historic Cairo, Darb Al-Ahmar district was a run-down neighborhood rife with poverty and lacking basic infrastructure and sanitation until recently. Now bordering on the newly-developed Azhar Park, Darb Al-Ahmar has begun to flourish with the support of individual volunteers and the Swiss-based Aga Khan Foundation. The Aga Khan Foundation previously undertook the Azhar Park and has since developed a number of social programs for the Darb Al-Ahmar community.

Many of the Citi team brought their families to the event and they all left with a large smile on their face, feeling that not only had they engaged in a positive community experience, but also that they had learned something about their own capabilities.

CID Consulting organized the full-day event in coordination with Aga Khan and Citi Egypt. CID has been a communication consultant to Citi for two years and worked closely with Citi through the global economic crisis.

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