Citi First Bank to Participate in Egyptian Stock Exchange “Ringing the Opening Bell” Ceremony

June, 2011

As part of its campaign to rebuild investor confidence in Egypt, the Egyptian Stock Exchange introduced a “Ringing the Opening Bell” ritual that marks the daily start of trading. Just before the floor is open to trading, it is customary to have a prominent organization or key figureheads attend and literally ‘ring’ the bell. Citibank was the first bank to participate in the ceremony highlighting its active role in supporting Egypt’s economy post revolution.

As their communication consultant, CID helped Citi capitalize on the important event by developing key messages and ensuring ample media coverage which included some 20 newspapers and specialized online platforms covering local and regional business news. The key messages were also disseminated to other Citi offices abroad, where there was a growing interest in the event. Numerous oversea offices made use of the news to reassure foreign investors in the wellbeing of Egypt’s economy as well as entice them to the expected return of prosperity.

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