E-Waste: A Growing Burden To Contend With

December, 2010

Over the past year, CID’s CSR program has revolved around designing, incubating and accompanying a pioneering project in environment and electronic waste (e-waste) recycling. CID’s approach has instituted a unique and safe methodology to handle e-waste ? a process which could otherwise jeopardize the health of the people who recycle it for a livelihood.

As part of the efforts to address the issue of solid waste management challenges in Egypt, CID Consulting designed an e-waste recycling project in conjunction with the Spirit of Youth Association for Environmental Services. Sponsored by Mobinil, the project kicked off in June 2009 and the first phase was completed in December. Phase II kicked off in March and will last for 5 months.

The project started off with a two-month program to train garbage collectors in e-waste recycling techniques. Trainees were compensated for their efforts during the first two months and, by the third month, trainees received 50% of the income from sales of refurbished equipment. One participant also received a scholarship from Microsoft Corporation to be trained as a software and hardware specialist.

E-waste recycling is a budding practice globally that includes the refurbishing of electronics that are obsolete or have reached end-of-life. Today, many developing countries have become deposits of e-waste which arrives from developed countries. Populations in recipient countries are exposed to health hazards and environmental damage, as they are left to handle e-waste in unsanitary ways.

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