Joining Forces With The Spirit Of Youth To Leave Tahrir Square Spotless

March, 2011

With the attention of the world fixated on the revolutionary uprising in Egypt, there was one particular aspect that left the international community in awe. It was the fact that its participants had made it a point to clean up post protests.

With its extensive history and experience in community development, CID appointed The Spirit of Youth as the designated NGO for the ground work that needed to be covered. Its public awareness team comprising the dedicated youths of the Manchiyet Nasser neighborhood were quick to venture into the Tahrir Square. These groups of youths trained under the auspices of the ‘Gates Project’ both picked accumulated waste and started educating the public about source segregation into two components only:  food and non food.

Equipped with 50 containers spread over ten locations, they were assisted by the army and young volunteers who had already been in the square picking up waste from each and every individual to ensure that the square was never anything less than spotless since the very first day of the on January 25th.  The initiative also oversaw trucks being sent in to pick up accumulations as no pick up service is available by the municipality or private companies.

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