Literacy In Iraq

December, 2009

As part of UNESCO’s on-going support for the Iraqi Ministry of Education in literacy and non-formal education (NFE), CID Consulting was commissioned to study the status of literacy and NFE in Iraq. The project covers both greater Iraq and Kurdistan to identify challenges and improve the quality of both formal and non-formal education with the objective of improving literacy by 50%.

CID Consulting worked closely with the UNESCO Iraq Education to draw up a National Literacy Action Plan. The plan tailors literacy programs to the needs of schools, drop-outs, adult illiterates, vulnerable youth and women, internally displaced people, and security forces. CID Consulting also planned interventions to enhance synergies between formal and non-formal education, build partnerships between government bodies, civil society and the private sector, strengthen literacy and life skills programs for adult illiterates, and enhance literacy programs for vocational skills. The project master plan was finalized in August ’09.

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