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  • Designing The SME Component For USAID’s Trade Facilitation Project

    As part of USAID’s trade facilitation project (TFP), the CID team worked on the design of the project’s SME component. The SME program was designed to communicate and provide experts for local long and short term assignments in areas such as economic growth-related advisory and technical assistance services. The experts were to offer services that… Read More

  • Education Project in Morocco

    Covering most of Morocco, CID’s team embarked on a 3-month assignment in the North African country, mapping early grade reading in Arabic. CID’s dedicated team will handle the mapping process throughout its all four phases. It will highlight successful models of teaching and learning Arabic in the early grades, as well as identify organizations that are… Read More

  • Implimenting A Nutritional Education Campeign For Public Schools Across Egypt

    In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, CID Consulting was commissioned by Juhayna food industries to implement a nutritional education awareness campaign for k-12 public school students. A three day conference was launched, inviting one public school representative from each governorate in Egypt – bringing students, teachers and health educators from Egypt’s 27 governorates. The CID… Read More

  • USAID – Showcasing Egyptian products for International Buyers

    CID’s experts successfully planned and managed a multifaceted Trade Fair held under the umbrella of the Trade Facilitation Project in Egypt funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). A diverse set of companies that specialize in exporting home textiles, home furniture, chemical products and engineering products participated in the event. The showcase… Read More

  • GiZ – Career Guidance program for vocational schools & training centers

    CID is embarking on a campaign to address unemployment and skills gaps in the market in collaboration with GiZ. The project serves as a baseline study for enhancing career guidance services to better equip career counselors, job seekers and higher education institutions to close Egypt’s large labor market skills gap through ‘school-to-work’.

  • Community Engagement, Reputation Management and Technical Assistance for; Lafarge, UNESCO, Growit, & EMX

    Lafarge Community engagement initiatives CID is working with Lafarge on sustainable community development initiatives in Helwan, Egypt, as well as creating strong internal communications programming to engage its team members in successful CSR activities.   EMethanex Reputation Management and Communications program As part of the reputation communication management programming and implementation for Emethanex, CID is providing coaching… Read More



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