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  • Community Engagement, Reputation Management and Technical Assistance for; Lafarge, UNESCO, Growit, & EMX

    Lafarge Community engagement initiatives CID is working with Lafarge on sustainable community development initiatives in Helwan, Egypt, as well as creating strong internal communications programming to engage its team members in successful CSR activities.   EMethanex Reputation Management and Communications program As part of the reputation communication management programming and implementation for Emethanex, CID is providing coaching… Read More

  • Helping Find the Right candidate for the Right Job

    After a period of intensive research and interviewing, CID has produced a comprehensive study on “Employment Needs” for GIZ and Polaris International Industrial Parks. The project aimed to create an onsite employment center to cater for the needs of the 20+ companies operating within the industrial park. The study also identified models of employment centers… Read More

  • Public School Learning Finds A Way Up

    Part of its continuous interest and passion to contribute to the development of the education sector in Egypt, CID completed its work on the Girls’ Improved Learning Outcomes (GILO) project, working with a consortium led by RTI and multiple stakeholders to support the implementation of Egypt’s strategy of School Based Reform. The project was primarily… Read More

  • EDBE Annual Report “Take Two”

    The Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE) recently issued its Annual Report for which it assigned CID to manage and produce for a second consecutive year. The report was developed with the objective of documenting the outstanding financial performance and major achievements of the bank during 2009-2010 as well as communicating the internal development undertaken… Read More

  • Tips & Trends: Handling Conflict At The Office Without Aggression

    Misunderstandings and communication problems remain one of the most common sources of workplace strife, and interpersonal difficulties are magnified when conflicting work styles coexist in one setting. Generational differences, personal management styles, educational background, and cultural diversity are all potential sources of office misunderstandings. While conflict is inevitable, it need not ruin your workday or… Read More

  • CID Develops Communication Strategy for PLAN to Manage Brand Awareness and Perception

    For over 30 years Plan, an international NGO has been working in Egypt to empower impoverished children, and help them access financial, educational, health and employment opportunities through capacity building. Today Plan is looking to boost its brand perception and catch the eye of different target audiences. Accordingly, Plan sought out the assistance of CID… Read More



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