participating in preparing the masterplan for the suez canal development project

August, 2014

As part of Egypt’s nation-wide economic development plan, the Suez Canal Authority awarded a consortium headed by Dar al-Handasah the 1.8 billion dollar contract to develop the Master Plan for the Suez Canal Area Development Project.

CID was one of the companies in the consortium, along with; Sarie Eidine Partners Legal Advisors, Ernst and Young, and Currie & Brown.

The development project covers the canal region, plus six ports; East Port Said Port, West Port Said Port, Al-Arish Port, Al Adabiya Port, Ain Al-Shokhna Port and Al-Tor Port. 

CID Consulting was the sole media advisor for the project, in addition to providing an all-inclusive marketing communications plan, to reach out to the business community and investors as well as the Egyptian public to ensure the foundation of sound marketing and communication platforms through which the project can communicate effectively and efficiently.

The CID team also developed a full-fledged socio-economic impact assessment to investigate the social, economic and urban conditions affecting the areas of the project. A social development framework was created to set guidelines that ensure the proper development of the affected communities, through on-the-ground audits and providing recommendations related to; housing policies, proper infrastructure, access to education, access to health care, amongst other aspects.

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