Tips And Trends: Marketing During A Crisis

June, 2009

Times are tough, and with many companies going into crisis mode, there are a few tips you can bear in mind to help your business through these turbulent conditions. And remember, just because consumers are spending less, that doesn’t mean they still don’t need goods and services. Think about how you can provide customers with a bargain – and fill the niche.

As many companies downsize their staff, it is also expected they will cut marketing budgets. Don’t make this critical mistake – long-run success is contingent on keeping one’s products and services in the public’s mind. Think about creative ways to stay exposed such as free workshops and PR activities targeting the media.

Don’t pursue growth at the expense of focusing on existing customers, who can help sustain your business. It is actually cheaper to keep existing customers than find new ones, and as people look for ways to reduce fixed costs and cut back on discretionary spending, you’ll be able to maintain existing customers’ business if you cater to their needs and provide superior customer service.
Beyond marketing your company, you should also think about how to trim costs in house, utilizing technical solutions to save you money. Why pay for a business trip when a free online video call can fulfill the same purpose? You can also use a number of free organizational tools such as Google Calendar. As you increase the use of technology to save on costs, continue to take precautionary measures regarding your digital assets. Even during a recession, you should be continually working to protect digital information and improve security measures.

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