Tips & Trends: The Top 5 Time Wasters At Work

June, 2011

Not enough time off
If you are overworking yourself you are actually decreasing your productivity. Time off allows you to re-energize and recollect your thoughts thus raising your productivity levels once again.

Shying away from saying “No”
Requests that come out of the blue add pressure and may sidetrack you from focusing on your real priorities. If a new request labeled “urgent” or “super duper important”, pops up then make it clear to your superior that it might compromise delivering on other tasks.

Lack of delegation
Thinking you have to do everything yourself is a great time waster, stress inducer and leaves you with less time to utilize your real talents and capabilities. So get used to it and start delegating!

Unless it is already planned on your calendar with a set agenda and a time limit on duration, a meeting can easily drag on and deviate from its original purpose. Meetings that transform into social events, eat up a lot of precious work time. 

Telephone calls, text messages, social visits to the office or online chatting are all forms of interruptions which distract you from focusing on the task at hand. Allowing interruptions to take over your day can cost you a lot of precious time. Set aside a few time slots throughout the day for returning calls and messages, to avoid losing concentration.

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