Tips & Trends: Time Management Is Strategic Thinking On A Micro Level!

December, 2010

  • Correct ongoing problems:Recurring problems are likely issues that were not solved the first time you encountered it. Understand the root of the problem and work on it.
  • Delegate:Many managers fear delegating tasks because the result may not be the same as if they had done the job themselves. However, delegating allows you to use your time more efficiently. Refusing to delegate may also deprive your employees of a learning opportunity.
  • Replacing email with a chat:Instead of writing an email to a person next door, stand up, stretch your legs and go talk to them face to face. You are much more likely to achieve your goals in addition to reaffirming a social bond lost in electronic communication.
  • Reacting & anger management: Everyone feels pressure at work at some point. In order to maintain a professional work environment, try to always maintain control the tone and loudness of your voice; it will help you control your anger and maintain a calm and professional appearance.
  • Be proactive:When you see an issue, take the time to solve it once and for all. If you do not, it will likely happen again you may develop the bad habit of ignoring these issues instead of solving them and benefitting the entire organization.
  • Organize your mind:Nowadays, we have notepads, reminders, calendars, etc, to help us organize ourselves, however, do your best to practice your memorization skills and use your brain as an organizational tool.
  • Don’t forget to smile:It will help you get through the day and studies have shown that even if you’re nervous, smiling to yourself for one minute will make you feel better.

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