MSME Lending Capacity Building for the National Bank of Egypt


The goal of the assignment was to assist the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) to expand its capacities in MSME lending to effectively and efficiently provide (multi-purpose) MSME loans to enterprises across the country on a sustainable basis.

The CID Response

To achieve that goal, CID’s in collaboration with its consortium partner DAI developed recommendations and assisted with implementation of measures for expanding SME lending and risk management. CID also reviewed the NBE SME strategy, current MSME product range, assisted with new product development reflecting the client’s strategy and market needs. Furthermore, CID assessed the feasibility and provided recommendations with development of micro-lending and implementation of credit scoring, as deemed appropriate.

CID provided recommendations in the development of the MSME Advisory Services Unit, through designing the strategy for this unit and building on CID’s organizational Development expertise in creating the initial guidelines for the unit to effectively operate. This included the setting up of the mission, vision and objectives of the unit, the business Model, Organizational Structure, Customers/Beneficiaries, the unit’s activities and services as well as its Strategic Alliances and Value proposition. CID also developed a communication strategy aligned with the unit strategy.

The Result

The NBE’s MSME’s lending capacity was solidified and the framework for building a new MSME Advisory Services Unit was developed.