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Klm Enters Digital Age With A Bang

The digital marketing revolution made it possible for KLM to generate 1,000,000 tweets and retweets, as well as give the air carrier a definite media brand boost via an initiative where it stalked its loyal customers. The stalker is part of global airline KLM’s popular “KLM Surprise” Program. Using social media such as Four Square, Facebook and Twitter; KLM monitored some of its most loyal customers and learned their likes and dislikes to find a unique gift to surprise them during or after a flight. .In the digital age customers are turning to social media to express their thoughts, ideas and connect with each other.The personal touch to this program made customers feel that the brand cares and is invested in the happiness and wellbeing of clients. They are also sure to tell their friends and spread this message via social networks, which provides valuable word of mouth and social media advertising for the company with many happy customers touting KLM’s premier services and quality. The “KLM Surprise” program shows that it is essential for firms to actively foster a positive online presence that customers will be able to interact with and benefit from.

Coca-Cola finds ways to be green and get rewards

news2What does a virtual snow ball fight and environmental awareness have in common? The answer was nothing until Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most popular brands, jumped into the app world, as part of its efforts to support Arctic conservation. To raise awareness of the issue, Coca-Cola developed a fun app called the Snowball Effect for mobile phones and tablets allowing Coca-Cola fans to start virtual snowball fights with friends, who could then choose to retaliate and start their own battle. The campaign was the company’s most successful in its 125 year history and helped boost sales by 20% at 7-Eleven locations as well as raising $1.7 million for arctic conservation. In just nine weeks, users had started 50,000 snowball fights and more than 12 million Facebook users had spread the company’s Arctic Home message. The app also included information about arctic climates and the importance of protecting the environment. Coca-Cola is one of the most powerful brands in the world because it is able to consistently differentiate itself from its competition in every endeavor, including CSR programming. By marrying education, environmental awareness and Coke branding, the company found a way to build a greener reputation while boosting its sales and brand recognition among its target audience.