Youth Employment & Qualification | Phase II


CID in partnership with GFA was contracted to strengthen capacities of the MoE and other public and private-sector actors to design dialogue-oriented and evidence-based education and employment policies. The main objective of the project was using labour market information to develop and implement active labour market policies, institutionalize advisory and information services for youth on career guidance and placement and tackling the image of vocational education and its negative perceptions.

The CID Response

CID is currently providing career guidance services and policy recommendations as well as technical advice on development and implementation of a public- private sector approach and action plan for improving the image of vocational training. Furthermore, CID is compiling success stories in vocational education and training, focusing on the ones established by the project support services from all areas of activities and developing communication materials for different target groups. CID also is taking the DACUM approach in the development of a standardized method for curriculum development.

The Result

The project increased accessibility for career guidance through the offering of online services and measures out of the developed action plan. Furthermore, the image of vocational education in Egypt was improved by showing real-life success stories.