Our Culture

We are a people-driven organization, bringing together a culture that prizes passion, collaboration, and a commitment to client satisfaction and social impact.

Life at CID

A yearn to learn

Since establishment, we have focused on fostering a dynamic culture that inspires the growth of our people as much as the growth of our organisation. We are building a people business led by a versatile team of skilled individuals who are able to cater to clients across multinational, local, government and private sector clients.

Working with us opens the door to continuous training and development. The diversity of our industries and the sectors in which we operate exposes our team to clients and projects that enhance both their personal and professional development.

We consider every situation to be a learning opportunity which shapes our people into highly competent individuals who go the extra mile for their clients. That’s why each member of our team is given a bespoke development plan, to ensure their needs are always being met and their limits consistently tested.

Unearthing potential

Our non-hierarchical approach promotes common ownership of projects, which we see as fertile ground for future leaders to emerge. We encourage our people to shine by instilling in them a sense of leadership and investing confidence in them from the moment they join us.

Our team is inspired to take part in a multitude of training and development opportunities, ranging from individual on-the-job coaching and training, to group knowledge sharing and workshops, to external education courses and events. We encourage participation and out of the box thinking, to sharpen focus, support personal growth, and instil an ambition to succeed.

Recognising the remarkable

We prioritise effort and ensure achievement is regularly celebrated. Our people are encouraged to work hard and live well. We invite diversity and creativity, with a culture that champions equal opportunity, irrespective of seniority, length of employment or background.

We like to think we bring out the best in our people, preparing and empowering our teams and clients to explore the limits of their untapped potential.

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We work for global and local clients. We employ outstanding people and we cooperate closely with numerous international experts, in today's networked and digital world.

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