Strategizing technology-backed alternative investment solutions

Gold has always signified affluence and status, but there's more to the precious metal than just that, especially for Egyptians. Regardless of class or status, Egyptians have always looked to gold as a source of financial security due to its high value. For centuries, Egyptians have traded and invested in physical gold to safeguard their wealth in the long-term and to monetize their assets. However, with the start of a new era, the digital era, the gold and precious metals market has been witnessing a shift globally through the introduction of innovative types of gold and precious metals trading and investments. On a mission to disrupt the local market, Evolve Holding aimed to champion gold trade and alternative investment in Egypt by establishing a full-fledged precious metals ecosystem supported by technology. The challenge facing Evolve Holding was that of introducing a digital concept to an otherwise traditional gold and precious metals market. Their mission is to support and empower the community to grow their wealth and diversify their assets through enabling innovative gold-backed investment solutions that are digitally powered. Evolve Holding sought CID’s support in establishing trust and credibility among public sector stakeholders, private sector stakeholders, and international institutions, as well as, developing the brand identity of the company and its subsidiaries as market disruptors, cutting through the status quo with a brand reveal that tells their story. ​

Across two phases, CID’s integrated approach to build Evolve Holding’s brand equity focused on four key pillars: Brand Purpose, Brand Community, Brand Experience and Brand Story.

Evolve Holding needed to establish credibility and trust with key stakeholder groups that are integral to the creation of a coherent precious metals ecosystem​ in Egypt.  To establish cohesive and comprehensive brand positioning, CID set a base through a comprehensive communication audit and stakeholder mapping exercise to understand the ecosystem and Evolve Holding’s status vis-à-vis the market. This came as a building block to craft a strategic communication and marketing strategy, reinforced with a brand architecture exercise, that effectively facilitated the strategic market penetration for Evolve Holding by positioning the company as a credible ecosystem builder addressing all relevant stakeholders.

CID aided Evolve Holding’s branding through various tools, including:

  • Developing corporate communication tools to support strategic communications tailored to their diverse audience and potential investors, while fortifying and leveraging existing partnerships.
  • Providing ongoing strategic advisory for Evolve Holding’s media and stakeholder engagement
  • Working on corporate communication activities and external relations initiatives
  • Advising on tailored media engagement activities by securing exclusive interviews on top tier news platforms
  • Supporting with media relations by building strong relationships with local media and educating them through media roundtables and training sessions on the company’s state-of-the-art solutions, tech-enabled offerings and its efforts in setting the cornerstone to a precious metals ecosystem in Egypt
  • Developing a comprehensive internal and external crisis communication framework and protocol that would safeguard the company’s brand reputation in case of crisis

CID’s ongoing strategic advisory secured Evolve Holding with a recognised brand identity within its target market, equipping the company with comprehensive corporate communications tools tailored to its key stakeholders and potential investors, including a corporate brochure, corporate identity guide, and investor toolkit.

CID led media engagement generating public awareness for Evolve Holding, in addition to securing a set of exclusive interviews and live program appearances on prominent TV shows, all of which established the Evolve Holding brand story and provided the company with further visibility of its branding top tier media.

CID also created a comprehensive communication strategy and supported with the roll out of Evolve Holding’s corporate communications plan starting at the brand reveal, including managing brand awareness and digital communication via social media, design and publishing of the corporate brochure, analysing and synthesizing media monitoring, in addition to setting up an internal and external crisis communication protocol. These efforts served  create a strong foundation for the company’s visibility and differentiation within the market to further facilitate its growth through strong communication and stakeholder engagement.


Magda El Sabee

CID has been our reliable partner for years. The level of commitment, support, dedication and hard work they have aided us profoundly to reach the level of success we are proud of today.

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Magda El Sabee

Chairman & Group CEO, Summit Holding Group

Tamer Zaki

CID’s valuable consulting advice & strategic solutions enabled us to better develop our brand strategy and effectively plan for our business launch in the UAE. A Job well done and it was a real pleasure working with such a creative and energetic team.

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Tamer Zaki

Managing Partner, Iwan Interiors Dubai, UAE

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