Our Sectors

Our team is committed to combining our practice areas with sector knowledge in order to provide tailored and effective consulting solutions. By leveraging on our deep-rooted expertise, we have effectively addressed a diverse array of sectoral needs.

Our experience spans a variety of industries and sectors from real estate and ICT, to education and energy. With a diverse team and expansive client portfolio, we are able to respond to the increasingly changing market landscape.


We develop and implement effective communication strategies for companies in the manufacturing sector. Our reputation management, crisis communication and community engagement expertise help to influence behavioural change for the better. We are proud to inspire comprehensive FMCG change management programs which help to ensure effective employee engagement and increased productivity.


The energy sector is hugely diverse, and our work is too. With over two decades of experience in this ever-changing field, we offer intricate knowledge, in-depth insights and broad, trusted networks. We have been engaged in key national development projects, such as a sector-wide modernisation programme led by the Ministry of Petroleum and the ground-breaking Benban Solar Energy Park. We regularly support oil and gas companies, renewable energy firms and government institutions through a diverse set of integrated offerings, including transformation management and stakeholder engagement.

Real Estate

Our work in the real estate sector began with a focus on local projects and has organically grown to include an important selection of international organisations. We deliver organisational design and development, process improvement and innovation to provide an integrated approach across communications, strategy and human resource management.

Logistics And Transport

We support projects which seek to transform how national government can provide more efficient services, and how private companies can provide effective logistics and transport offers. We frequently collaborate with the Ministry of Transport on strategy and organisational development, as well as other third-party stakeholders and regulators, to introduce revolutionary new schemes and develop masterplans, such as the Suez Canal Area Development Project.

Solid Waste Management

We have an extensive track record of designing and implementing solid waste management strategies with sustainable social impact at their heart. With an in-depth knowledge of Egypt’s informal waste sector, our projects ensure that local, informal communities are integrated into the design of our systems – effectively addressing both waste management and social development needs. The depth of our experience combined with our innovation and contacts, enables us to bridge the gap between waste collectors, the private sector and government, to develop systems that leverage Egypt’s unparalleled waste collection and create pioneering waste management footprints.

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Public Sector Development

Our diverse experience and engaged teams have gained the trust of governmental counterparts through our work on national public sector reform efforts. We have led the development of national strategies across multiple sectors, building organisational capacity and design structure, to transform management and communication. Our extensive work in this field includes projects with Ministry of Education and Technical Education, Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Local Development. Our close links put us at the cutting-edge of new regulation, working with policymakers and corporate entities to consult on new laws and initiatives.

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Education And TVET

Our long-standing educational and technical vocational education and training (TVET) work is recognised for implementing exceptional system change programs in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, as well as relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Our work delivers projects on education reform strategies, curriculum development and capacity building, for beneficiaries including students, teachers, administrators, and Ministerial staff. We design and implement programs at local and municipal level to deliver content development, teacher training, assessments and evaluations. We are proud to deliver a diverse array of educational interventions to ensure every individual has the opportunity to succeed.

Sustainable Tourism

We work closely with international organisations and government beneficiaries to implement sustainable tourism projects with human development at their core. We ensure delivery is context-specific with a focus on capacity and knowledge transfer, to produce sustainable results that inspire local ownership and community benefit. Our work is complemented by systems change projects, whereby we work with the government to ensure the regulatory framework in place is conducive to the sector’s development and performance.

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We work directly with private sector companies in the technology sector to efficiently define strategies, optimise operations, and increase growth and export potential. Our work is complemented thorough external and internal audits to analyse productivity, weaknesses and opportunity to ensure competitive advantage is maximised and that Egypt’s technology sector is placed firmly on the global map.

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