Our team is our greatest asset, and we are committed to bringing together diverse, dynamic and driven individuals committed to delivering impact to our clients.


CID Consulting offers you the opportunity to learn advanced problem solving and how to engage with impact, and at the same time take part in our growth. If you want to join a unified team of people who possess the right balance of intellectual capabilities and concrete social skills, stay tuned to our announcements. We are always on the lookout for students, recent graduates and experienced hires with an entrepreneurial spirit and a high level of drive. Joining our dynamic team whether consulting practices, business development, project management and finance and administration will give you a learning experience and help you deliver high value to our clients and colleagues.

If you can see yourself working with our team, or would like to chat about opportunities, please say hello at

Full Time
Part Time
Project Based

Consulting Analyst, Marketing and Communications Practice

Full Time

As a Consulting Analyst, you will be conducting extensive research to understand the industry your client is operating in by carrying out a thorough audit with all stakeholders. You will also be supporting in designing and implementing client Interventions. Your position will give you exposure to the different practices and diversified projects serving both the private sector and the government.

Consulting Manager, Sustainability and Social Impact

Full Time

As Consulting Manager, you will be taking a leading management role in the sustainability & social impact consulting practice which covers areas such as establishing social enterprises, developing social investment strategies for private and public sectors, enabling new value chains, providing development consulting across all sector in CID. You will be leading and coaching teams to deliver exceptional reports and proposal to various clients.

Business Development Analyst

Full Time

Supports in the coordination, content development, correspondence, presentation & documentation of diverse business development activities feeding into external responsibilities as well as internal operations.

PMU Operational and Administrative Specialist

Full Time

Provides operational and administrative support necessary for efficient execution of consulting projects for the Project Management Unit (PMU)

Office Assistant

Full Time

As an Office Assistant, you will be managing CID Office that includes but not limited to answering calls, scheduling meetings, typing data, organizing events and more. You will be also be supporting in the recruitment process of new hires and helping newcomers.

منسق ميداني في مجال تنمية المجتمع

Project Based

إإذا كنت مهتم بالعمل المجتمعي من خلال الانضمام لمشروع كبير معني بالسياحة الثقافية فهذه الوظيفة لك. نحن نبحث عن منسق أنشطة للمجتمع المحلي للمشاركة في فترة التخطيط للمشروع والعمل على إدماج المجتمع المحلي في الأنشطة المتعلقة بالسياحة الثقافية بمنطقة الاقصر. يجب على جميع المهتمين إرسال سيرتهم الذاتية بحلول الموعد المطلوب (13 ابريل 2023) الي لن يتم النظر في الطلبات الواردة بعد هذا الموعد النهائي

Private Sector Engagement Expert

Full Time

CID Consulting is currently working on several initiatives aimed to foster linkages to the private sector and support the establishment of public private partnerships. As such, the Private Sector Engagement Expert will be responsible for the design, execution and oversight of a comprehensive private sector engagement strategy.

Social Behavior Change Coordinator

Project Based

Feed the Future Egypt Rural Agribusiness Strengthening Project (ERAS) is a five-year USAID-funded activity, supported by the U.S. government’s Feed the Future initiative. The project aims improve the competitiveness of Egypt’s horticulture producers and promotes a more competitive and inclusive Egyptian economy through growth in selected horticultural sectors The objective of the Social and Behavioral Change component is to support project beneficiaries alter their behaviors to better enhance the agribusiness sector at large. Trainings are delivered to partner associations, private sector partners, university graduates and/or smallholder farmers, depending on the component in question.

Communications Officer

Project Based

The Communications Officer will work closely with the Communications Lead in implementing an effective project communications strategy. This involves ensuring strategic visibility of all project activities and outputs, meeting all USAID reporting requirements, effectively communicating project impact on the different platforms to project stakeholders and beneficiaries, and guiding project development and reporting on activities that are impactful, representative, and highly visible.

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